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I went to Marina with a problem that I felt was very personal and because it was of a sexual nature I was apprehensive about talking about it. Marina put me at ease from the first moment and helped me talk through and understand my problem.

My impression was that Marina is very knowledgeable about sexuality and sexual problems that can arise. What I appreciated the most about Marina was that she listened carefully and I felt she understood my problem and who I was and suggested ways to help me. She put me at ease and I felt confortable talking about very private issues – something that does not come naturally to me! She also offered a number of different ways to address my problem. This meant I could find what worked for me. After only a couple of sessions she had essentially solved the problem I had come with from both a psychological and a practical point of view. I would very much recommend Marina to others who are worried or anxious about a problem of a sexual nature!

Male, 33 years old